Blinds in a Childs Bedroom

Best Blind choices for your child’s bedroom

Blinds aren’t normally thought of in detail as they aren’t usually considered to be something important in the house hold. But if you have children then you will need to think about every aspect of your house regarding their safety and the best thing that suits them. This is why our team at Skyline Blinds have carefully selected what Blinds we believe is best to put in your child’s bedroom.

What to look for

When looking for blinds, you have to ensure that they are as safe as possible. Ensuring that they are hard to pull down and if by any chance your child manages to pull the blinds off the wall, no screws or sharp pieces or material fall onto the floor. If possible, sticking with the colour scheme that is in your child’s bedroom.

Blackout Blinds

If you have a young child who has various delay tactics to go to bed, usually complaining about the light in the room then blackout blinds are your best option. Blackout blinds let minimal light into the room due to the material that they are made from. Blackout blinds can also come in various colours to fit in with the theme of your child’s bedroom.

Perfectfit Blinds

Perfectfit blinds are fitted to your window to ensure that they are not space consuming. They are also fitted with clips instead of screws to ensure that if the blinds are taken off the wall, they will not leave any sharp pieces anywhere. Perfectfit blinds can also come in the form of a roller blinds, Venetian or pleated blinds, depending on what style would suit your child’s room the most. Some of these styles can also come in various colours to suit your child’s bedroom.

Thermal Blinds

Perfect for any weather, Thermal blinds have a thin layer of aluminium in to ensure that the amount of cold air that enters your child’s room. Once you have thermal blinds fitted into your child’s bedroom, you will not have to turn on their radiator on as often, possibly saving them from burning themselves! Thermal blinds also come in various colours to suit your child’s bedroom.

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