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Can I have different blinds in my home?

We all know that choosing blinds in your home can be a tricky, yet exciting time. Here at Skyline Blinds we often get asked; can I have different blinds in my home? Majority of the time, customers will only go for the one blind for every room in the home. If you fancy changing it up, and going for a different one in each room to suit the personality and the style. Then by all means we have the right choice of blinds to go for.

Will it be more expensive?

Each of our blinds will have a fixed price to what they are, just because you decide to go for different ones throughout the home, does not mean that it will be more expensive. At Skyline Blinds Luton, we have worked with customers for many of years. Therefore we have gained knowledge and experience of knowing what customers like. Each room has its own unique style, therefore that’s why we provide such a broad choice of different blinds to suit the room.

What type of blinds can I have?

Like we said before, we provide a wide range of different blinds to suit your home. We have also become knowledgeable of understanding which blind looks best in which room. For example; Black out Blinds will be most ideal in a bedroom, the idea behind this type of blind is to block out any natural sunlight entering the room, most suitable for anyone who may work the night shift and needs to get their sleep during the day.

Roller blind looks more suited in a bathroom, you can control how much light is entering the room, whilst the pattern and colours can suit the look of the room really well.

At Skyline Blinds, we are here purely to guide you into making a positive decision with you blinds, and to offer advice from experience on which blind is best suited in which rom.

If you’re thinking about changing any blinds within your home or you might just be wanting an enquiry. Then get in touch with Skyline Blinds today, and someone from our team will be happy to help.

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