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Picking the right Blinds

One of the most exciting yet stressful activities is picking the right blinds for your home. There are so many different choices out there, that you think. ‘Where do I start?’ From choices starting at wooden blinds, to Roman blinds, but what is the difference? With all blinds being ‘made to measure’ you can be sure to get the right fit for your home.

Types of Blinds

Our Skyline Wooden Blinds – Coming in a variety of different types of wood, this sophisticated look is a WOW statement in anyone’s home. With the choice of having multiple finishes with any thickness you desire. Portraying a warmer more ‘homely’ feel, it’s a very popular choice.
Our Skyline Blackout Blinds – Having trouble sleeping? Is the sun beaming in to your bedroom to early? Then the Blackout blind is something for you. A very popular choice with many customers, due to it resulting in reducing up to 99%of light when entering the room. Perfect for anyone who may work a night shift, or anyone who doesn’t like the sun beaming in.
Our Skyline Conservatory Blinds – For anyone who has a North or South facing conservatory, then this will be perfect for you as they avoid all harsh sunlight coming in. But not to worry, if your conservatory is East or West facing, these conservatory blinds will still be beneficial as they all carry unique qualities. Being ‘Perfectfit Blinds’ means that they serve an extra purpose, to help retract any cold air coming through the windows.

These are just a few of many blinds which we offer here at Skylineblinds. Here I have introduced that no matter what it is you are after, we will be sure to have it. Whether it’s a blind for a child’s bedroom, or blinds for a bathroom. With the many choices we have available to offer, we’ll be sure to find something suitable for you.

Testimonial in Bedford

I was looking for blinds in Bedford, and I was recommended Skyline Blinds. And I have to say, that I was very happy with their service. They were very helpful, and they knew exactly what I wanted.

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